Advantages of Car Donations

Do you have an unwanted car?

Acceptable any vehicle
Almost all vehicles are accepted even if they are broken or damaged.

Much easier than selling
The process of donating a car is very easy and simple.

Tax deduction
Enjoy the tax benefit as much as the value of the car you donated.

Opportunity to do good works
You can support your favorite charity through car donations.

Do you have any unwanted vehicle?
Car donations can be the easiest way to get rid of old vehicle you do not need.
And if your car is a junk car that is no longer usable, needless to say, car donation is the best option to dispose of it without cost.

Free pickup
Most charitable organizations that receive car donation provide free car towing services.
Also, regardless of whether your car is running or not, most cars are towable unless it is a very special exception.

Charitable tax deduction
You do not get paid right now, but in the end you will be rewarded with tax deduction.
When you pay the next tax, you will benefit as much as the value of the car you donated.

Easier than selling a car
To sell a car, you need to clean it nicely, find someone to buy, and negotiate a price.
You waste your time, effort, and money to sell your car.
Car donation do not require these hassle.
With a professional car donation programs, all you have to do is get some documents.
The rest will be handled by experts.

Without title
There are many car donation programs that receive a car without title.
However, not all charities receive a car without title, so you should ask them in advance if they will accept a car with no title.

Opportunity to help your favorite charity
By choosing a donation instead of selling a car, you give hope to those in need of help.
The proceeds from your donated car will be used to make the world a better place.
For some people, the satisfaction of doing good is the greatest advantage of a car donation.

ㆍIf you want to be cautious about donating your car, it will be helpful to choose a charity that has a lot of experience with car donations.
ㆍIf you are not interested in tax deductions and donating your car is just all you need, the process becomes very simple, however if maximizing tax deductions is the most important goal the process can be a little more cumbersome.
ㆍIf you want to maximize tax deduction, it is a good idea to talk to your tax advisor before you donate your car.
ㆍIf you want the proceeds from the donated car to be used as much as possible for charity, it is recommended to donate the car directly to the charity without going through the intermediary.